Bang for your buck: Are reusable coffee pods worth the investment?

Reusable pods seem so expensive - why is everyone so happy to splash out on them?

Yep, we hear this one a lot! So, we're here to fill you in on exactly what goes into creating our world famous reusable coffee capsules, why they're more expensive than disposable pods, and why they'll actually save you a lot more money than you might think.

3 months of single-use pods vs reusable coffee capsules | Crema Joe

Brew, rinse, enjoy, repeat

It goes without saying really - you can get some pretty epic value for your money when you "reuse". Whilst we understand why people want to compare the cost of investing in refillable pods against the plain old, plastic single-use kind, they're function is clearly quite different.

Single-use capsules actually cost a lot more to brew than good ol' coffee beans. So because our steel capsules can be used infinitely, we'll begin by breaking down the costs to price per kilo for a clear look how beans vs disposable pods effects cost-per-brew. This comparison example below (based on Grinders brand products*) is the perfect example:

 Coffee Beans Ground Coffee Coffee Pods
$32/kg $47.45/kg $131.15/kg


How does this translate to your daily use of pods? In very basic terms: using coffee beans or ground coffee is a lot friendlier on your budget.

But let's break this down further. Let's say you're spending $0.78 per pod. Doesn't seem like much, right? But if you're drinking 3 coffees a day, over the course of a year your pod spend equates to $854.10. Now, if you invest in a WayCap Two Pack for example (our zero waste Nespresso compatible option), your initial spend is $98.90 (free shipping). You'll use around 5g of coffee per pod, so you head to your local coffee roaster and grab a 250g bag of coffee for $10. So the new cost to you per pod ends up being $0.20. And the yearly cost? Just $219

*Insert mic drop here*

Now that we've got your attention, it also goes without saying that reusing is literally the most eco-friendly way you can brew with your pod machine. Our stainless steel pods are infinitely reusable, so by switching to them not only are you saving money, your environmental impact is also reduced massively.

You can check out our SealPod capsule cost capsule calculator to estimate just how much money you could save by filling your own pods.

Sustainable and ethical, from top to bottom

You can count on our commitment to responsible supply chain - we believe a sustainable product should respect the environment and humanity at every stage. At Crema Joe, we consider ourselves to be a no-compromises brand, particularly when it comes to quality over quantity.  

Quality control is crucial. Our products endure extensive product testing to ensure they meet the highest food safety and durability standards. We require that they adhere to stringent guidelines - they must be food-grade, non-toxic with heat resistant components, durable and BPA free.

Of course, premium quality materials cost more, too. But the functionality and longevity of a reusable product is crucial for maximum sustainable impact. 

All of our products are thoughtfully sourced to ensure they are ethically manufactured and of premium quality, and we work very closely with our producers to ensure standards and processes we’re happy with. We refuse to white-label our products - we give full credit to our manufacturers, and have opted for transparency and traceability, from the start. 

Many of our products:
- Are assembled by hand at our warehouse by our Melbourne team
- Utilise local green printers for packaging, and
- We also have a bespoke range of items that are hand-crafted onsite

And when it comes to packaging, plastic is so widely used because it’s exceptionally versatile and cheap. But for us, this isn't an option. We are committed to a responsible supply chain with minimal environmental impact, from manufacturing to transportation, even if it is more costly.

Best quality refillable coffee pods - why reusing saves you so much money

We want to be accessible

Regardless of quality or brand ethics, we also get that the price point may be above what some people are able to spend at one time. That’s why we’re always working on keeping our prices as stable as possible (without compromising on the product itself) and have developed a range of pack options, at a wide range of price points.

So when you consider the premium quality, product longevity and the long term savings, it’s easy to see why reusable pods are worth the investment. 

Our coffee capsule users are now helping to save over 11.5 million pods from landfill yearly, and we hope you will join the sustainable coffee pod movement too! (Available for Nespresso, Aldi K-fee, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly & Vertuo.)

Which eco-friendly pod is right for you? Find out here!


*Coles/Officeworks, Melbourne June 2020.

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