Caffitaly S14 machine: Which reusable coffee pod is best?

Do you own an ol' faithful Caffitaly S14 and are looking for a sustainable solution to replace your disposable daily brew? If you're feeling bewildered by the plethora of options when it comes to reusable pods and want to determine which capsule will be best for your machine, you've come to the right place! We've created this short and snappy guide to take the guesswork out of finding a compatible coffee pod and make the switch to sustainable as stress free as possible.

The best eco-friendly refillable coffee pods for Caffitaly machines

Caffitaly S14 Machine

The Caffitaly S14 is an older model that is known for it's value for money, functionality and efficiency. This simple to use machine is quite compact, and stylish.

The S14, with it's spherical design shape and metallic accents makes it an attractive choice for any kitchen. This budget friendly machine is well suited to coffee lovers who value both convenience and a delicious espresso! The model consists of a simple, easy to clean exterior surface - ideal for the time poor coffee addict.

The best eco-friendly coffee pods for Caffitaly capsule machines

Reusable capsules


Pros: These capsules are a fantastic alternative to single-use pods. With the 100% stainless steel, zero waste base, your FeePod capsule is bound to outlive your machine! Crafted from premium quality steel, FeePod fit in a variety of machines due to their specialised dimensions and the flexibility that comes with the attached silicone ring. It's these design details that ensure that your machine stays safe and your coffee stays delicious! This super convenient brewing system is famous for delivering a robust coffee with rich crema. 

To create an eco-friendly pod, simply fill the FeePod capsule base with ground coffee, insert a compostable paper filter (optional) and seal with your reusable silicone cover. Easy as that! Trouble-free brewing, saving both money and the environment - what's not to love!? Cost-effective and highly economical, this option offers you the freedom to brew with your favourite espresso grounds whilst making a better choice for our Earth!

Cons: If you've spent the last few years using disposable coffee pods, it may take a little experimentation whilst you're getting to know your new reusable capsules. However, within a few espresso shots you'll get a feel for this, and be confidently brewing without a worry! It's also important to be intentional when it comes to sourcing coffee to fill your reusables with - your extraction will only ever be as good as the grinds you put in your pod.

The verdict

We have found that FeePod is the ideal planet-friendly choice for use with the Caffitaly S14 machine, particularly for consumers looking to reduce their cost-per-brew. When it comes to brewing coffee at home, there's no need to compromise on flavour for the sake of convenience. 

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