K-Fee Expressi Wave machine: Which reusable coffee pod is best?

Own a Expressi Wave? Looking to make the switch to reusable capsules? Well, you've certainly come to the right place!

We’ve put together this handy guide to provide you with all the information you'll need to start brewing sustainably from home.

The best refillable / reusable coffee pod for Aldi K-fee Wave capsule machine - Crema Joe Australia

K-Fee Expressi Wave Machine

Affordable, durable and simple to use, the K-fee Wave machine certainly is a faithful all-rounder! Available in a wide variety of colours (such as Black, Silver, Light Blue, White, Red and Copper), one of these machines will generally set you back around $149.00.*  

The Wave is a great addition to any kitchen with its textured side profile, speedy extraction time and ability to pour a quality espresso.

Reusable capsules


Pros: FeePod (by our renowned flagship line, SealPod) is an incredibly sustainable choice when it comes to a reusable capsule. The FeePod capsule base is made from premium quality, 100% stainless steel, and is designed to last a lifetime. Brewing is as simple as filling the base with ground coffee, and sealing with your reusable Silicone Cover. Our BPA free, food safe Silicone Covers have been developed specifically to help you brew a top-notch coffee with a lovely creamy, rich crema. A highly economical option, FeePod offers you the freedom to brew with your favourite coffee grounds whilst making a better choice for our earth!

Cons: Occasionally lever stiffness may be experienced when brewing for the first time with reusable capsules in the Expressi Wave - this is due to the machine having a limited dimensional tolerance. A snug fit is actually important to brewing with reusable, and whilst uncommon, this is quite simply resolved by removing the silicone ring from the capsule before inserting into the machine for brewing. Once the ring is removed, the capsule slots comfortably into place, ready to brew!

The best reusable coffee pods for Aldi K-fee (Expressi) machines

The verdict

FeePod certainly comes out on top if delicious, planet-friendly coffee is a priority! Making the switch to reusables for your Aldi K-Fee Expressi Wave machine will not only reduce your cost-per-brew, but also allow you to enjoy brewing your favourite coffee grounds (sourced fresh from your local cafe!) in the comfort of your own kitchen.  


Compatible models include the entire 583 range (116H04, 116B04, 116T04, 116S04, 116L04, 116G04, 116P04, 116K04, 116Z04 etc.) *K-fee Australia, Oct 2020.

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