Capsule quality - it's all in the brew

Got a little déjà brew whilst shopping for reusable coffee pods? We're frequently asked about brand authenticity and how best to determine the quality of a refillable capsule.

High quality, ethically product coffee pods and eco-friendly products, Australia

Crema Joe's mission is to encourage the use of reusable capsules. We do this by providing sustainable products which make a difference to the environmental impact our convenience culture mindset creates. Consumers choose our premium SealPod, Bluecup and WayCap capsules because they want to reduce their footprint whilst still enjoying a quality cuppa. We provide replacement components where necessary to prolong the useful life of our products for a maximum sustainable impact.

As a business, we are committed to a responsible supply chain. And, we endeavour to provide our customers with well designed, high quality products that allow them to do good and produce a great brew! 

But all this amounts to nothing, if the reusable you choose, sits dusty on the bench, or falls apart after a few uses. At Crema Joe, we believe that the best reusable is the one you use, and whilst sustainable supply and manufacture are crucial, quality and enjoyment play a role in adopting new behaviours.

Spotting a fake

Every authentic SealPod and WayCap capsule have the brand logo embossed on their surface. Bluecup capsules and lids do not have embossing, however are easy to discern physically from imitation or inferior products.

Australian coffee pods: High quality, reusable/refillable steel capsules for Nespresso

What to look for in a reusable capsule

Quality - not all pods are equal. Look for a product with non-toxic and heat resistant components, as well as strict food safety and durability standards (such as our current range). A sustainable product should respect the environment at every stage of production, with minimal environmental impact. For example, to further reduce their carbon footprint, WayCap manufacture every component of their capsules in the immediate vicinity of their warehouse to reduce transportation, plus their packaging is minimal and made entirely of recycled materials. When selecting an eco-friendly pod with a reusable top, ensure the lid comes with interchangeable filters - WayCap's interchangeable steel tops were carefully crafted to allow you to tailor the product to suit your needs.

Aussie brand Crema Joe: Premium refillable pods for Nespresso machines

Customer care

It goes without saying but when shopping online, look for reputable businesses that will provide you with great customer service if you need it. If you require troubleshooting tips, or even just want to chat about the best local spot for coffee beans, we are here to help - get in touch!

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