Eco Tip: How to clean your kettle without harsh chemicals

Naturally, all kitchen kettles develop a layer of limescale over time. And if you're a fan of family-friendly, organic cleaning, you probably prefer to replace chemical products with natural alternatives wherever possible. 

So rather than scrubbing or washing out your kettle using nasty chemicals, with little to no effort at all this quick, easy cleaning hack will help you clean and descale your kettle in just a matter of minutes.

Organic / chemical-free method for cleaning your kettle: This simple hack takes just under 2 minutes!


Step 1. Thinly slice up one whole lemon, adding the pieces into your kettle. Fill with cold water, covering the affected areas.

Step 2. Boil! Then switch off the kettle, and leaving it to sit for around half an hour. 

Step 3. Boil a second time, empty the appliance, and rinse well with clean cold water. 

How to use lemon to clean your kettle in under 2 minutes | Family safe cleaning

Professionally formulated eco alternative

Another natural way of cleaning a kettle is by adding eco descaler to a kettle full of water, let it boil, and then rinse. 

For a simple pour-and-go solution that's gentle on our earth, we highly recommend CaffeNu Eco Descaler for a thorough, family-safe clean. CaffeNu is suitable for use with all coffee machines, including coffee pod / capsule machines, kettles and urns.

Natural / eco-friendly method for descaling your pod machine | Clean in just under 2 minutes


Say goodbye to limescale build-up and hello to your hot drinks tasting their best again - whether you choose lemon or an eco descaler, both of these methods are quick, simple and a healthier way to clean at home!

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