How to clean your Lavazza Blue or Lavazza A Modo Mio machine

Calling all Lavazza lovers! Is your coffee lacking robust flavour, or are you experiencing an inconsistent pour? This could be your machine telling you that it’s well and truly time for a spring clean! 

Crema Joe are proud to launch CaffeNu cleaning capsules for your Lavazza Blue or A Modo Mio coffee machine!

Why is cleaning my machine important?

When not cleaned correctly, Lavazza machines can accumulate dirty coffee oils, old granules and eventually bacteria inside the brewing chamber. These built-up residues can ultimately affect the taste and overall quality of your coffee, potentially contributing to mechanical damage over time. 

CaffeNu Cleaning Capsules for Lavazza machines have been specially designed to remove build-up and bacteria with their unique foaming action. Within just 2 minutes, the powerful cleaning agent cleans the brewing chamber, nozzle and spout of your coffee machine.

Cleaning capsules for Lavazza A Modo Mio / Blue

How do cleaning capsules work?

To use, simply pop the pod into your Lavazza A Modo Mio or Lavazza Blue machine, and the capsule will leave all of those previously inaccessible nooks and crannies clean as a whistle! In just a couple of minutes, your coffee machine will be rid of all residues, and ready to produce a delicious, fresh brew.

How often should I clean my machine?

Like any appliance, your Lavazza machine needs some maintenance to prolong its life and maximise performance. For the best results, optimal maintenance and brew pressure, use one cleaning capsule after every 30 cups (or at least once a month).

We also suggest teaming your cleaning capsules with a descale treatment once every three months. Descaling is a crucial element when looking after your coffee equipment, as it breaks-down and removes limescale build-up from the pump and pipes of your coffee machine.

CaffeNu Lavazza A Modo Mio / Blue Cleaning Capsules | Crema Joe Australia

So what are you waiting for? Give your machine some cleaning love so that it’ll keep loving you back, producing that liquid gold to get you through the day!

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