Crema Joe's Coffee Waste Program

If you know us, you'll know that we believe in a holistic circular economy system where life-cycle is considered, from concept all the way through to product - because selling a 'sustainable' product is one thing, but running a truly responsible enterprise (from top to bottom) is another.

So we're exceptionally excited to announce the launch of our Coffee Waste Program, where we're recovering by-products of the coffee roasting process, and creating a positive and responsible use for them within the community.

Crema Joe coffee by-product orchard recycling | Sustainable, ethical coffee, roasted in Melbourne.


Coffee 'chaff' is the dried skin on a coffee bean - this husk, which comes off during the roasting process, is an unavoidable by-product. To sustainably and responsibly dispose of our chaff, we donate it to a local landscaping and gardening service to be used as organic material / compost. Diverting our chaff from landfill helps avoid greenhouse gasses going into our atmosphere, and of course is a much more resourceful way to reuse and upcycle this by-product.

Crema Joe Australia | Coffee chaff donated to Melbourne orchard for organic matter & compost


We also donate our hessian bags for reuse as weed matting at a local orchard. The hessian is placed on the garden bed, followed by mulch over the top, mitigating weeds and weed seed germination. The same principle will also be applied across an additional 3 acres of orchard for part of their revegetation process, and with the capability of utilising around 100,000 hessian bags, we're so excited to have such a wonderful ongoing solution.

Crema Joe sustainability program | Hessian upcycled to weed matting at local farm


The ability to recover these 'resources' is a direct result of the amazing, collaborative eco-system we're part of, and the desire to think outside of our supply chain to explore what opportunities exist.

To be part of the circular economy, we need to focus on relationships. Because creating positive impact certainly requires a continuous, beautiful loop of collaboration. 

Crema Joe Coffee Waste Program | Circular economy / eco-system, donating hessian & coffee chaff to Melbourne orchard

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