How to recycle your coffee bags

Up until recently, sadly, a zero waste solution for sustainably disposing of coffee bags has essentially been non-existent.

Coffee must be packaged in lined bags (usually utilising foil) to ensure that the grounds are perfectly protected from exposure, and so that the roast quality and freshness are retained. Whilst this is great for us coffee lovers,  it unfortunately meant that up until now, the bags couldn't be recycled due to the composite material.

However, thanks to a new initiative from TerraCycle (the first of its kind in Australia), consumers can now recycle their used coffee bags.

Recycling coffee bags in Australia - what to do, and where to take them


It's as simple as this:

1. Collect your used coffee bags 

The program accepts all brands, and types of coffee bags! Make sure your bags are empty and reasonably clean before placing them in a collection box. Additionally, if you choose to rinse your products, ensure they are completely dry prior to shipping. 

2. Purchase a Zero Waste Box

Use this box to recycle any brand and size of (empty) coffee bags. 
Please do not include any waste like coffee grounds, filters or capsules.

3. Ship it back to TerraCycle  with the prepaid return label

What’s Included?

  • One Zero Waste Box
  • One prepaid return label, affixed to your box

To learn more about recycling with TerraCycle, visit



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