How to make a planet-friendly coffee with your Nespresso VertuoLine machine

We all know that "reusing" is not only economical, but also helps us to substantially reduce our impact on our precious planet. We're always on the hunt for ways to help coffee lovers reduce their waste, and our new reusable accessories for popular Nespresso VertuoLine machines do just that. 

How do I reuse my VertuoLine capsules?

To get started, you'll need an empty Vertuo pod, a WayCap Two Pack, or a WayCap One Pack.

Step 1. Fill an empty Vertuo capsule with coffee (we recommend a fine grind), and tamp firmly. 

Step 2. Give the edges of the capsule a quick brush off to remove loose grinds, then place the Silicone Cap on top. 

Step 3. Place the capsule into the machine and close the handle. 

Step 4. Brew and enjoy!

The team at WayCap has put together this quick how-to video if a visual guide is more your thing!

Why we think you'll love it

Firstly, reusing is far more sustainable that landfilling (of course), and even recycling. Reducing your consumption is a big factor when it comes to reducing your environmental footprint. Whether you own a Nespresso, Breville or DeLonghi branded machine, the reusable WayCap for Vertuo products allow you to refill your Vertuo pods, drastically reducing your kitchen waste. 

Secondly, refilling with your own coffee will certainly save you some cash. Vertuo pods range from 80c-97c each.

Cost per brew when using WayCap is around 54c per shot (based on the Espresso sized capsule and ground coffee at $40.00 per kilo). We've estimated that an average household could save around $200 annually simply by making the switch from disposable to reusable.

And of course lastly, who doesn't want that fresh coffee smell back in their kitchen? One of the reasons we love refillable capsules is that fact that we can shop locally for coffee beans - you're free to use whatever brand you choose. Reusables mean that you can hit up your favourite cafe or roaster for your freshly ground coffee blend. Decaf, organic, single-origin, specialty or fairtrade - you name it! 

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