7 great ways you can get involved in National Recycling Week

'Tis the season to support the Australian recycling industry!

Christmas is fast approaching, but before the silly season swallows us up, there is another exciting week that is nearly upon us! National Recycling Week (11-17 November) will once again be running, and there are so many great ways to jump on board! With countless recycling programs and sustainable initiatives now at our fingertips, there's never been a better time to gather your friends, family and colleagues, and together, work to minimise waste and manage material resources responsibly at home, work and school. 

So, where to start? We've put together 7 great ways you can get involved!

1. Start with the Planet Ark Recycling quiz

Make sure you really are a rad recycler by taking the Planet Ark Recycling Quiz! Bust recycling myths, test your recycling knowledge, and become an eco-warrior boss human. 

Recycling in Australia: 7 great ways to recycling your stuff!

2. Turn your workplace into a sustainable superzone

Get cracking on setting up some new, improved recycling systems at work! Help reduce your workplace's impact on the environment by:

Switching to reusable coffee capsules by subscribing to our new Supply & Exchange weekly coffee delivery service!
Your staff and clients will enjoy their coffee guilt-free knowing that they are helping to reduce landfill. To help create a world where people no longer need, or want, disposable coffee pods, our friendly team will deliver locally roasted coffee, packed in our coffee capsules to your organisation. The following week, we'll pick up the used capsules and deliver a new batch of responsible coffee pods for your team to enjoy.

Utilising the Recycling Near You and Business Recycling websites.
Find recycling solutions for printer ink cartridges, old computers, televisions,  batteries, office paper, cardboard, phonebooks, light globes, glass and plastic bottles, jars, aluminium, steel cans and more! 

Becoming compost champions!
If your workplace food scraps or even garden cuttings, search for a local recycling service that will collect and recycle them. Alternatively, you can compost them at your own workplace through a range of methods including commercial-sized worm farms or composting systems.

Switch to Crema Joe reusable coffee pods at work to reduce office waste

3. Host a Mobile Muster

Dust off your old mobile phone and host a Mobile Muster! Encourage your colleagues to bring in their old mobile phones for recycling by MobileMuster. You may even help Planet Ark reach their target to recycle 5,000 mobile phones from workplaces this November.

Planet Ark Mobile Muster: Don't send your phone to landfill!

4. Use your bin as a last resort

Get creative with simple household materials that might usually just get sent to landfill. For example did you know that bottle tops and breadtags can be recycled into other objects? We accept breadtags and bottle tops for recycling, as well as old packaging materials for upcycling! You can also collect these items for community initiatives like Precious Plastic Melbourne, which repurposes plastic waste into useful product. 

And if you know a local kindergarten or school, you'd be surprised at just how many materials are great for crafting. From empty toilet paper rolls to sheets of cardboard, the sky is the limit for creative minds.

Recycling plastic in Australia: Recycle bottle tops and breadtags in Melbourne

5. Participate in the Friday File Fling

Clear our your workplace cupboards by participating in the Friday File Fling on Friday, 15th November. Fling all your old documents into the recycling bin in a mass de-clutter, and and be sure to register your Friday File Fling to get some tips on how you can get your colleagues involved.

6. Choose Australian made recycled paper

Make the switch to Australian made recycled office paperChoosing Australian made recycled paper not only keeps waste out of local landfills and reduces carbon emissions, it also supports green jobs.

7. Spring-clean your closet

De-clutter and deep clean your wardrobe, and give your unwanted clothes a second life! Host a clothing drive at your workplace and stop unwanted clothing ending up landfill. There are lots of charities seeking good-quality clothing and household items. You could also trade your unwanted goods in for ‘new’ ones by hosting your own Big Aussie Swap

Declutter your wardrobe: Where to donate and recycle your old clothes in Australia


Head to the Crema Joe Community Recycling Page for more details on our recycling program. 

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