Rethink, repurpose & reuse: Our eco-friendly packaging is finally here!

At Crema Joe, we care for your coffee as much as Mother Earth, and believe that combining smart design with environmentally safe materials is the best way to brew with a capsule machine over single use alternatives.

No excuse for single use

Over 6 million coffee capsules are used every day, a figure which is rapidly rising. Unbeknownst to many, single use capsules deplete natural resources, increase C02 emissions, and the majority are sent straight to landfill where they contribute to the global landfill issue.

The good news is it’s easy to make a simple "small swap" to your daily cuppa routine - If most of those 6 million capsule coffees per day were brewed with reusable pods, we’d be saving millions of trees, billions of gallons of water and massive amounts of energy each year.

SealPod Australia: Printed & designed in Melbourne, using FSC recyclable stock & vegetable based inks

Rethink, repurpose and reuse

Our SealPod packaging also follows the eco-mindset of our refillable coffee pods. The packaging has been designed to encourage reuse and creatively challenge you to rethink it's purpose.

Ethically minded, we endeavour to do everything we can when it comes to doing our bit for the environment. Our packaging is recyclable, but why not reuse it rather than dispose of it? We have some added some of our favourite suggestions inside to take our "reuse" ethos one step further.

Reusable packaging ideas | SealPod Australia, Crema JoeTips to reuse packaging instead of putting in the binSealPod Australia: Sustainable, ethical & locally produced packagingSealPod Australia: Eco-friendly & sustainably designed packaging for coffee pods

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