Roast profile: Re Firma by King Carlos

The coffee journey

King Carlos Coffee only use 100% Arabica beans, grown in the higher altitudes and along the equator; ideal conditions for growing premium coffee. We stock a large range of ethically sourced “single origin coffee” with the emphasis on purchasing directly from the coffee grower.

The art of coffee roasting, where time, temperature, density and moisture content are key elements that have been learnt and developed through years of roasting experience - we cup our coffee regularly to ensure coffee profiles and green bean quality are consistent. Selected King Carlos coffee beans are delicate, have characteristically flora aromas, mild and rounded, producing a golden, full bodied espresso every time, our roasting methods are deliberately slow and leisurely, allowing the full flavour to develop.

Multi award winning

Each year Carlos selects two of our coffees, usually one blend and one single origin to be judged by experts in competitions. Our coffees have won many awards against stiff competition. The ‘Re Firma Blend” has won multiple medals in the last 3 years, winning categories at Sydney Fine Food Show, The Golden Bean Coffee Competition, and the Australian International Coffee Awards. In total, the Re Firma Blend has won 7 medals across these competitions so far and we are confident that you will love it.

King Carlos HQ

At King Carlos Coffee HQ, we showcase the complete coffee experience under the one roof. The espresso bar allows coffee lovers to come and take a seat and taste different coffee origins, microlots and blends displayed on our retail shelves and explore different coffee making styles and techniques.

Our café has a unique cellar door style atmosphere which our guests love - a real talking point which you will not experience anywhere else. Inside our roastery doors is where you will see and smell coffee being freshly roasted, packed, and distributed to our wholesale customers. On the 1st floor we have the tasting room where all the big coffee business decisions are made, cupping sessions are regularly held and where every roast is examined and critiqued for your drinking pleasure. Our Barista education and training room is also positioned in this area. Set up with a diverse range of commercial coffee machines, grinders and other equipment where we can educate and develop barista’s in a safe and friendly environment.

Not only do we educate and develop our wholesale partners; we also invite the coffee loving public to attend the classes via our online booking portal.

At King Carlos Coffee, the best is never enough - we pride ourselves in obsessively analysing every roast to ensure the coffee is nothing less than perfection.


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