SealPod reusable coffee capsules - a comprehensive guide!

Whether you’re a latte, cappuccino, macchiato or flat white fan, there is no denying that Aussies love their morning coffee. A large proportion of coffee drinkers opt for capsule machines to brew their daily cup of joe. Whilst this can be a convenient and cost effective option, there are some negative side effects to this form of brewing. Did you know:

• Billions of capsules are used worldwide, with the majority ending up in landfill.
• The materials used can take 500 years to break down.
• Tonnes of carbon dioxide is generated by the production and distribution process alone.
• Whilst recycling is a good option, it also requires transportation and energy.
Source: SBS & ABC 2016

SealPod refillable coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines


More and more, there is a push to adopt environmentally friendly habits in the workplace, extending past the printer and to the communal coffee machine. Progress in this field is often slow, and you / your workplace may be unlikely to give up your coffee pod machine anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the environment has to pay. The best way to help reduce the amount of waste caused by single use pods is to change how you brew with your capsule machine - whether it be at home or in the office, using reusable SealPod capsules help you make a difference, one cuppa at a time. In the end, the power lies with you to make sustainable changes and show others how it’s done.


• Value for money: Refillable capsules are a much more cost effective option than buying pre-packed (check out our cost calculator).
• Freedom: Don't be restricted to the blends available from big brands. Filling your own capsules means the return of real, fresh coffee / tea and personal choice, and enables you to support your favourite coffee shop or roaster.
• Less waste: By refilling your capsules, you are contributing to reducing the daily impact that single use pods have on the environment
• Safety: You know exactly what is going into your capsule, and using stainless steel coffee pods also addresses concerns regarding the unknown nature of heating plastics and other materials.

SealPod Australia: Reusable coffee capsules, fill, refill & reuse!


Occasionally we are asked if it is possible for Nespresso to void your warranty for using compatible capsules. In 2014, Nespresso made a world-wide commitment to stop voiding warranties, as it was judged anti-competitive for them to do so. However, if used correctly SealPod simply does not have machine compatibility issues anyway; they are shorter than Nespresso capsules, therefore the puncturing needle never comes in contact with the stainless steel capsule. (For more info on compatibility, check out our FAQ section.)

SealPod reusable coffee pods: Refill your capsules with your favourite coffee


1. Type of coffee: Nespresso state that they use 95% Arabicas and 5% Robustas in its Grands Crus coffee capsules. To replicate this flavour intensity, we suggest trying a similar blend. Otherwise, a strong, dark roast should do the trick!

2. Grind: Have your local cafe or roaster grind your coffee to medium-find grind, or alternatively, check out our Bespoke Blend in stovetop grind. If grinding at home, you will achieve the best results with a burr grinder (blade grinders can create too much dust).

3. Tamp: Fill the capsule, then tamp gently using the base of your scoop. Repeat to ensure capsule is full. Brush any excess grinds from the rim of your SealPod so the sticking surface is clear of grounds.
Alternatively, you may prefer to fill and tamp with our specially-designed Perfect Press.

4. Stick: The key to the high quality crema produced by SealPod capsules is all in the seal: it's the pressure build up and “puncture” that create that lovely extraction. So, peel off your SealPod Espresso Sticker Lid and stick it on your capsule!

5. Brew or Store: Brew using your preferred machine settings (some users like a regular 30mL espresso shot, others prefer to use two capsules and brew 2 x 22mL shots for extra intensity). Or alternatively, always have a fresh coffee pod ready to go by filling multiple SealPod capsules in advance, placing the base of the capsule in the black silicone Fresh Cover and storing in a dark, dry place.

Bonus Tip! Looking to further improve the taste of your coffee? Descaling your machine not only improves the flavours produced, but also removes limescale build-up, which assists with optimum pump function and the resulting brew.

Tips for using SealPod reusable coffee pods for Nespresso machines

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