Refillable coffee pods for Aldi K-fee: Why silicone lids are better than steel lids

So, you're ready to start reducing your kitchen waste (and costs!) by investing in some eco-friendly pods for your Aldi K-fee Expressi or Caffitaly machine? With so many options on the market it can be tricky to determine which reusable option will be best suited to your needs, and your machine.

You may wonder why reusable pods with silicone lids perform better than 100% stainless steel capsules, or if one option is more sustainable than the other - and these are certainly excellent questions to be asking! Whilst steel lids may initially seem to be a logical choice, it's well worth doing your research prior to purchasing to ensure that the specific design you choose will be practical and something you'll actually continue to use long-term.

So here, we've compared FeePod to one of the most common steel-topped capsules (available from most Ali Baba resellers), and collated the top 3 factors you'll need to consider when choosing an eco-friendly capsule for your coffee capsule machine.   


The last thing you want when making the switch to reusables is a subpar brew - eugh! During the many, many hours of testing (and of course, coffee sampling!) since our launch in 2014, we discovered that a flexible silicone lid actually allows for a greater internal pressure build-up, which directly results in a richer brew and crema, especially when assisted with the use of a paper filter.

Pressure buildup is essential in the making of a flavoursome coffee - when pressure accumulates in your coffee pod, it pushes the water through the ground coffee at a consistent rate, consequently producing a beautiful espresso.

It's also easier to brew a stronger coffee from a capsule with a silicone lid - these better replicate the pliable nature of the native disposable coffee pods, so are an ideal place to start when making the switch from single-use to sustainable brewing.

In short? If extracting a strong, rich espresso is high on your list of priorities, you're going to want to invest in a system where optimal internal pod pressure is achieved - capsules with silicone lids

Reusing eco-friendly refillable capsules for Aldi K-fee & Expressi machines


Whilst cheaper options available via international marketplaces / drop-shippers may seem enticing, this is where we urge you to consider 'quality over quantity'. 

Reusable capsules with a stainless steel lid can be a little less forgiving when it comes to usage. Unfortunately, steel lids can have a tendency to jam in particular machines, sometimes resulting in irreparable damage.

One of the great things about silicone lids is that not only are they reusable, but due to their innovative, flexible design, they're also a lot kinder to your machine and gentler on the internal mechanics, offering you a stress-free brewing experience. 


Our FeePod capsules utilise a silicone cover - the intention behind this design is that when our customers switch to reusables, they'll not only be diverting waste from landfill, but will love their new eco-coffee so much that they'll keep reusing for the lifetime of their pod machine. By refilling the steel capsule base, and composting the grounds, our customers are substantially reducing their plastic waste whilst still enjoying a beautiful, delicious espresso.

All of our silicone components are 100% BPA free. Silicone is a safe choice for our bodies, as it doesn't contain any of the nasty, toxic chemicals that can leech from plastics. Silicone is also more environmentally sustainable than petro-chemical and oil derived plastic, and due to it's malleable properties, silicone is one of the safest flexible and water resistant materials available on the planet - it is heat resistant, stain-resistant and can be used under extreme temperatures.

FeePod by SealPod: Best reusable stainless steel pod for Aldi K-fee / Caffitaly | Crema Joe Australia


If you're wanting to reduce your impact, retain a high-quality brew and invest in a zero waste capsule that you'll use for years to come, FeePod is the ideal coffee companion for you. 

Happy brewing!

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