Roast profile: Tall, Dark & Handsome by Coffee Beans Delivered

18 Years ago, Ryd Jeavons started a personal mission to make cafe-quality coffee accessible to every household and Coffee Beans Delivered was created as a vehicle to achieve that. In a world where coffee has become elitist and too cool for school, Coffee Beans Delivered is being inclusive and undiscriminating; creating a community of coffee lovers who want to share their thoughts, ask questions and appreciate that we are all on a journey uncovering the delights that coffee has to offer.

Whether you drink a large cappuccino with 2 sugars or a double ristretto, Coffee Beans Delivered knows the only perfect coffee is coffee the way you love to drink it.

Coffee Beans Delivered is a place to discover your perfect coffee and learn about the most complex beverage in the world. We’ll supply whole beans or grinds for your brewer. We’ll source the world’s best coffee roasted by artisan roasters from Australia and ship it to you. Whether you’re in the city of Sydney or in the outskirts of Goondiwindi, we’ll get your coffee shipped to you fresh.

About the coffee

Tall, Dark & Handsome is the perfect chocolate lovers coffee. If you want that full chocolate with hints of a cedar flavour and want something to cut through, this is the blend for you.


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