What to do when you can't recycle your Nespresso capsules

With Nespresso boutiques closing their doors in response to COVID-19, and as recycling drop-off options become fewer and further between, many consumers are now finding that their used coffee pods are piling up at home. Not even the capsule Recycling Bags have been immune to the product shortage issues that have arisen since the Coronavirus pandemic began, with consumer reports that the bags have been selling out online.

Old coffee pods / capsules piled up in bags, rubbish dumped at closed Nespresso boutiquesImage via Reddit user @Pentium3210

Now more than ever, our beloved coffee fix is essential to surviving the day. However for the eco-conscious individual, it can be tricky to reconcile the problem we are now faced with - a strong desire for our daily cuppa, and our equally strong desire to prevent pods from entering landfill. It's estimated that Aussies are consuming 6 million single-use, disposable coffee capsules every day, so it's imperative that our daily caffeination doesn't become a 500-years-to-breakdown problem.

With Nespresso boutiques closed, consumers are switching to refilling coffee pods

The good news is that there are now alternatives to disposable coffee capsules. Yep, sustainable, eco-friendly coffee capsules are here to save the day, and your wallet!

Reusable capsules are designed for minimal impact on the environment and our budgets, allowing home-brewers to source their favourite coffee (it's the perfect time to support local cafes/roasteries!) so that they can continue brewing blissfully at home.

More and more consumers are ditching disposable capsules during this uncertain time, as filling your own helps you to reduce waste, preventing plastic pod accumulation. And the added bonus, of course, is that in the long run switching to reusable can also save an average household over $500 annually.

In lockdown? Switch to reusable coffee pods to help avoid trips to the shops

At Crema Joe, our range of environmentally friendly pods is ever-expanding. Our current lines include sustainable capsules for the most popular machines, such as: 
Nespresso OriginalLine \ VertuoLine
Aldi K-Fee
Dolce Gusto

In short, there are SO many perks to switching to reusable pods! 
✔ They stop the accumulation of single-use pods in your home during suspended recycling programs.

✔ They're much more budget friendly - reusing saves you money without a doubt.
✔ They allow you skip the coffee aisle at the supermarket altogether, so you can brew your favourite coffee beans, right there, in the comfort of your home.
✔ They're earth-friendly, helping to divert countless plastic, single-use pods from ending up in places like landfill and our oceans.

As we settle into the reality of social distancing, and only heading out for the essentials, there's never been a better time to give eco-friendly brewing methods a go.

Reduce the environmental impact of your coffee machine - make the switch to planet-friendly coffee pods today.

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