How to use SealPod capsules (for Nespresso®)

Compatibility: Are SealPod capsules compatible with my machine?

Nespresso: SealPod is compatible with most Nespresso* machines, including most DeLonghi and Breville models - Inissia, Pixie, Citiz, Citiz-Milk, Maestria, Gran MaestriaLe Cube, Lattissima, Lattissima+, Lattissima Touch, Essenza, Essenza Krups, Essenza Mini, Creatista, Creatista Plus, Creatista Pro, Creatista Uno, KitchenAid, Wacaco Minipresso NS, Prodigio, Expert, Atelier and Concept.

Will SealPod capsules damage my machine?

With proper use, SealPod capsules will not damage your machine. SealPod capsules are shorter than Nespresso* capsules - the puncturing needles never come in contact with the stainless steel capsule. Closing your machine may seem a little more difficult depending on the model - this snug fit is necessary for optimal performance and compatibility. However, the silicone ring may be removed when using an older machine if necessary.

I would like to grind my own fresh coffee beans, what kind of grinder should I use?

We recommend using a burr grinder for the best results, as blade grinders create an inconsistent grind, as well as too much dust.

What coffee is recommended for use with SealPod capsules?

Firstly, we always recommend grabbing a bag of our delicious Bespoke Blend in stovetop grind (crafted specifically for use with SealPod) to get you going - you can also take this along to your local roaster as a great grind reference point!

And of course, one of the beauties of reusable pods, is that you're no longer restricted to the blends available from big brands. To help you brew a great planet-friendly cuppa, we've put together our key tips for selecting the perfect coffee for your new reusable pods!

Blend: It's important to remember coffee beans are an agricultural product - naturally, they differ! The roasting process also has a big impact on the final product. As pure coffee beans have no added flavours, we suggest using a lovely strong, dark roast. We also encourage you to try a new blend every time you shop for a new bag of coffee as you build an understanding for which flavours and aromas suit your palate.

Grind size: We recommend using a medium-fine grind (slightly coarser than espresso). If you're not grinding at home, ask your favourite cafe to grind the beans for you.

Can I get detailed instructions for brewing with SealPods?

Machine prep (recommended for best results)
Remove any capsules from the machine, fill the water tank with filtered water, place a cup under the coffee outlet and extract a shot of the water. To assist with optimal performance, before brewing with reusable pods, we also recommend performing a thorough descale to ensure that the brewing pressure of your machine is normal.

Step 1. Fill

Fill the capsule, then tamp using the base of your scoop. Repeat to ensure capsule is full. Brush any excess grinds from the rim of your SealPod. (Or, up your game! For mess-free filling and a consistent tamp, we suggest checking out our Perfect Press.)

Step 2. Seal & brew
Seal with a SealPod Espresso Sticker Lid, place in your machine, brew as per machine instructions and enjoy!

What are the black silicone Fresh Covers used for?

Always have a fresh coffee pod ready to go by filling multiple SealPod capsules in advance. Simply fill, tamp and seal as usual, then place the base of the SealPod capsule in the black silicone Fresh Cover and store in a dark, dry place.

Are the Espresso Sticker Lids recyclable?

Since launching in 2014, we've tested, trialled and experimented with a plethora of reusable capsule material options and combinations! As part of our research, the criteria included that the product must:
• Be as sustainable as possible (either closing-the-loop or fully recyclable)
• Be production compliant and
• Meet all food safety standards and regulations
During our explorations and research, we discovered that the simple act of piercing the capsule lid creates a pressure build-up, which results in a richer brew and crema, so we have opted to use fully recyclable Aluminium lids for our SealPod capsules. When our customers switch to reusable - we hope they'll keep reusing for the lifetime of their pod machine! By refilling the steel capsule, and composting the grounds, our customers are substantially reducing their kitchen waste, whilst still enjoying a lovely espresso.

If your local recycling facility are unable to sort items of this size, simply collect them in an aluminium can, squeeze it shut when full, and place in your home recycling bin.

Can I use SealPod capsules to brew Tea?

Yes, SealPod capsules also let you enjoy your favourite tea leaves. Ideally, it is best to choose a loose leaf tea that is suitable to brew at 88 degrees. We recommend filling your capsule two-thirds from the top - this ensures there is enough space in the capsule for tea leaves to expand during the brewing process. To finish, seal with a paper SealPod Biodegradable Sticker Lid. Once the capsule is placed in your machine, simply press and hold either extraction button until you reach the desired water level.

Note: Tea leaves vary widely - we suggest you experiment with your selected tea for desired results.

And can I use the Biodegradable Lids to brew coffee as well?

Biodegradable Sticker Lids are best for brewing tea. However, whilst our Biodegradable Sticker Lids are also suitable for brewing coffee, when brewing coffee we do recommend a double-shot or using Espresso Sticker Lids for a richer coffee and crema.

Can I get some tips on improving my cuppa now that I'm brewing with real coffee?

Sure thing! Your brew results will vary, dependant on which coffee you use, and how you use it. You can check out our top tips here.

How can I support you guys to make change?

How kind of you for asking! Honestly, the best way you can help is telling your friends / family about us, and share share SHARE on social media! The more people that brew with reusables, the bigger our impact.

And if you know someone who could do with a little encouragement switching from single-use to reusable, or simply want to give us a shout out at your workplace, we have some handy downloadable / printable posters too:
Single-Use Swaps
Reusable Coffee Pod Info