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WayCap for Nespresso Vertuo - Reusable Coffee Pods

WayCap for Nespresso Vertuo - Reusable Coffee Pods

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WayCap now offers you an eco-friendly way to prepare and brew the perfect blend with your Nespresso* VertuoLine machine!

Single-use products are harmful to our environment. Reuse generates far less waste, which is why WayCap accessories were designed to be reused. WayCaps premium quality silicone components are food grade, BPA and BPS free. After use, spent grounds can be composted, and all silicone components easily rinse clean, ready for reuse.

Easy to use
Simply fill an empty Vertuo capsule with ground coffee, tamp lightly and top with a Silicone Cap. Then place into your pod machine as normal to enjoy a delicious, guilt-free espresso. 

Save money
Suitable to any budget, brewing coffee with the WayCap system is much more economical than pre-filled, disposable capsules.


2 Silicone Caps

^Ground coffee sold separately. VertuoLine base not included.


WayCap accessories are compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine capsules. 


Results may vary. Extraction is dependant on which coffee you use, and how you use it.

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